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Costrumax Construction Company is a limited liability company, registered in 2007. The company was successfully entered in the Central Professional Register of the Construction Companies under № I- NV 010677.
Throughout its many years of operation, Construmax proved itself as a reliable partner in complete construction of residential and office buildings. The excellent reputation is owed to hard labor, persistence and undisputable quality of building. The completed projects of Construmax are a benchmark for quality and investment potential, which everyone can see. The expertise of the team in selling real estate allows Construmax to be always as close as possible to its clients’ expectations and offer them the combination of location, architecture, quality and functionality, which they expect.


The mission of Construmax Construction Company is the creation of a quality product, which should satisfy the needs of and provide the necessary comfort to its clients. Upon planning of each project, the experts of Construmax take into account many different factors, which will contribute not only to achieving comfortable and functional residences, but also to their excellent investment potential.

The correct relations to the partners and clients are of great importance to the reputation and success of each organization. The management of Construmax Construction Company is steadily following this maxima, which is one of the main ingredients for the achieved success.

The utilization of quality materials is also vital to the company. That is precisely why the projects, completed by Construmax keep their esthetic look and ensure trouble free exploitation long after the 10 years guarantee expires. The innovation and utilization of state–of–the–art construction technology allow for the company to position itself as one of the leaders in the construction business in Bulgaria

Construmax invested in own equipment, including but not limited to excavators, cranes, trucks, scaffolding systems, cutting machines etc, which guarantees the timely and quality completion of the projects. And at very competitive prices.

Construmax Construction Company is a reliable and experienced partner, preferred by Bulgarian and foreign investors. The successful completion of various projects, such as residential buildings, commercial centers, winery etc. only confirms the right choice of our partners.


  • 19, Akd. Andrey Saharov street, ground floor, 9000, Varna, Bulgaria
  • +359 52 65 44 34
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